Distance from Ramada Encore Jalandhar : 48 km

The Phillaur fort which is 14 kms from the city of Ludhiana and on Sutlej River banks, is situated in the city’s town named Phillaur. This town was originally called as Phulnagar. The town was named after Sanghera Jat Phul which was a critical outskirts site that charged the most continuous Sutlej Ferry. Under the order of Maharaja Ranjit Singh, a force was appointed which was very strong; it was headed by Governor Mokham Chand, the general of the Maharaja. They were stationed here between the years 1808 – 1812. Dewan Mokham Chand along with an Italian Architect designed the fort. Currently, there is a police training center which is operating in the fort itself. The Finger Print Bureau is also stationed here.

Video : Phillaur Fort

Location : Phillaur Fort

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